Harm from Marijuana

Hemp, weed, cannabis, and marijuana have dozens of ways to use and smoke, but despite the fact that the plant is a drug, and has a 100% impact on the human body. After reviewing dozens of resources with pseudo-truthful information about the impact and harm from marijuana, we have created a list of true and 100% facts which are confirmed by independent sources with serious reputations.

Some people use pot to relax, others to ease painful symptoms, and still others just for the love of it. Whatever your reason for using, knowing and understanding the consequences of using is a great way to avoid problems.

What are the harms of marijuana and how is it harmful to smoke marijuana in large quantities

Fact #1. The harm of marijuana on brain activity.

In today’s world of hectic and frantic speed, no one is safe from the possibility of developing schizophrenia. Thus there is a group of people at risk for this disease with regular use of marijuana. Studies conducted over the past 15 years show that people who regularly use marijuana are six times more susceptible to this disease than non-smokers. So if you know about this possible disease in your family or poor psychological health, it is worth limiting the use of marijuana or giving it up altogether.

Fact #2. Harm from marijuana on a person’s mental state.

While smoking and eating cannabis, many factors are slowed down and the body begins to function completely differently. About 1 hour after taking it, apathy, lethargy, impaired thoughts and speech, fears and emotional dullness and a state of depression can be observed. Marijuana can also suppress brain impulses, so short-term memory suffers. A person can talk and in a second forget what he was talking about at all, or walk down the street and forget how he got here and what happened before. Such situations happen, but all these factors pass as soon as the effect of the use ends.
This is why you should not use marijuana while driving and when working requiring maximum concentration. It can be dangerous to your health and the health of your loved ones.

Fact #3. Cannabis harms the human respiratory system.

There is no doubt that the harm from smoking cigarettes is much greater than the harm from marijuana, however, do not be mistaken about the harmlessness and purity of the lungs when smoking cannabis. Even if a person who does not smoke cigarettes smokes and inhales marijuana smoke, he causes irreparable damage to his lungs. The main reason for the inflicted time is that marijuana smokers inhale it very deeply and retain it in their lungs for a very long time, thereby breaking the proper functioning of the organs and blood vessels. Deep in the lungs are deposited tar and combustion products, which are destructive factors for the healthy functioning of the respiratory tract. Regular, frequent, heavy weed smoking can develop bronchitis and other chronic respiratory diseases.

Marijuana does not kill! The harms of marijuana will not result in instant death. There is a theory that it takes 800 joints of cannabis to kill a person. It is not from drug intoxication but from carbon monoxide poisoning!

Fact #4. Smoking and using cannabis depresses the immune system.

THC, the main component of cannabis, which has a direct effect on the human condition, is capable of suppressing the human immune system. Is it harmful to smoke weed? Exactly for this reason, yes, because a weakened immune system of the body becomes open to any viruses and their spreading. Of course, this function also carries a lot of benefits, because for the treatment of many diseases exactly the suppression of the immune system is a necessary factor for recovery. For these reasons, the use of cannabis is questionable – for some benefit, for others harm.

The harm from marijuana for pregnant women is hidden in the health and psyche of the unborn baby!

Fact #5. Marijuana does not cause brain cell disruption.

The researches on monkeys which was carried out in the 70th years, show the violations of brain functioning in macaques that were made to smoke marihuana on 5-6 joints a day, within half a year. In reality, this factor is simulative, and the authenticity of the existence of the experiment is questioned.
So far, scientists have not proved the negative effect of marijuana on brain cells. Even with frequent, regular use of marijuana. It is possible to talk about impaired brain function, in any case, whether one smokes cannabis or regular cigarettes. If a person has a low IQ, doesn’t develop, doesn’t study anything, doesn’t read literature, his mental abilities will rapidly decrease from year to year, no matter whether he smokes cannabis or cigarettes or smokes nothing at all.

Fact #6: During intoxication (the moment after smoking or taking weed in any other form) some people have an attack of tachycardia.

Fact #7. Smoking marijuana on a regular basis is a possibility of a heart attack.

Because of the increase in blood pressure and heart rate while smoking cannabis, the oxygen capacity of the blood is reduced (hypoxia). Within the first hour of use, some people are at risk for a heart attack.

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