Marijuana Possession Arrests in Texas Lower After Hemp Legalization

Marijuana Possession Arrests in TexasMarijuana possession arrests in Texas dropped almost 30 percent from 2018 to 2019, new state information reveals, which trend appears connected to the legalization of this plant non-intoxicating cousin hemp.

While marijuana remains illegal in Texas, the coverage shift round hemp in mid-2019 generated complications for law enforcement because the 2 kinds of the cannabis harvest are usually equal to the naked eye. Authorities have stated that, due to this, they can not always charge people without running laboratory analyses of seized cannabis for THC content. Continue reading “Marijuana Possession Arrests in Texas Lower After Hemp Legalization”

Marijuana Improves Quality of Life – Study

marijuana improves quality of life, medical cannabis use
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A nonprofit organization specializing in therapeutic cannabis education and research called the Creator of Caring Foundation, in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University, has been diligently gathering data from marijuana consumers and non-users alike over the previous 4 years for purposes of assessing the effect of medicinal marijuana use on patient-level wellness to study if marijuana improves quality of life.

An online study registered 1,276 participants (such as those using a cannabis product and people contemplating its usage ) between April 2016 and February 2018. Continue reading “Marijuana Improves Quality of Life – Study”

Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Voted On Next Month

Marijuana Legalization Bill Vote, Cannabis Laws, MORE ActThe House will be voting on a extensive marijuana legalization bill in September, congressional leadership supported on Friday.

Though the floor vote hasn’t yet been scheduled, Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) stated in an email blast to associates the room is”expected” to take the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act throughout the”September work interval”

There are impending plans to maintain a House vote to the cannabis descheduling invoice . The laws, introduced by Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) this past year, removed his weapon and has been referred to other committees. It is not clear whether these committees will reevaluate authority or mark up the bill in order for it to get a Complete room vote. Continue reading “Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Voted On Next Month”

After Work Marijuana Use Doesn’t Impact Job Performance

Marijuana Use Doesn't Impact Job Performance
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A recent study shows after work marijuana use doesn’t impact job performance.

The research ,”Altered States or Much To Do About Nothing? A Research of When Cannabis Is Used in Connection to the Impact It’s on Performance,” was conducted by investigators with San Diego State University in California and Alabama’s Auburn University.

The analysis analyzed the impact which marijuana use prior to, during, and after work hours needed on project performance as evaluated by workers’ direct managers. The writers noted that despite the widespread use of workplace medication screenings,”there’s almost no empirical study investigating marijuana negatively impacts job performance” Continue reading “After Work Marijuana Use Doesn’t Impact Job Performance”

Legal Marijuana Means More Sex

legal marijuana, sex, medical cannabis, weed, potLegalizing medical marijuana seems to encourage individuals to have more sex, according to a recent research study.

“We find that [medical marijuana legislation ] causes a rise in sexual activity,” researchers in the University of Connecticut and Georgia State University reasoned.

That is not the sole related impact, however, since the research also determined that there is a reduction in the usage of contraceptives and a gain in the amount of births after the enactment of medical cannabis policies.

The poll asked respondents specifically about past-month marijuana usage and sex frequency. Continue reading “Legal Marijuana Means More Sex”

Two Marijuana Measures on Ballot in South Dakota

marijuana vote, ballot, south dakota, cannabis legislationMarijuana is on the ballot in South Dakota this year. South Dakota has had a rough ride with marijuana legislation. The medical marijuana initiative was defeated twice and it’ the only state where individuals get prosecuted for having marijuana appear on a drug test.

South Dakota having reactionary drug legislation isn’t surprising; it is a fairly reactionary state. It appeared overwhelmingly for Trump at 2016, and Republican Gov. Kristi Noem has (in)famously discussed including the president’s likeness into Mt. Rushmore together with him. Continue reading “Two Marijuana Measures on Ballot in South Dakota”

A Crackdown on Marijuna in the U.S. is Highly Unlikely

Marijuana Federal Laws, Trump, Sessions, Attorney General

President Donald Trump appointed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, and marijuana advocates are scared there will be a federal crackdown. A group of specialists stated Monday they find it highly improbable that such a crackdown will occur. Continue reading “A Crackdown on Marijuna in the U.S. is Highly Unlikely”

CBD Products Tested by FDA Contain Sometimes More or Less Than Advertised

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Testing of CBD-infused goods conducted from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration discovered that several are mislabeled, including less or more CBD than promoted and in certain cases THC that was not assumed to be there.

Of those 102 products analyzed this season which were tagged as using CBD, 18 had less than 80 percent of the sum suggested, while some other 46 were within 20 percent of the amount marketed. Thirty-eight products had over 120 percent of the CBD suggested. Continue reading “CBD Products Tested by FDA Contain Sometimes More or Less Than Advertised”

Protecting All Marijuana Programs From Federal Interference Voted on by House

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The House of Representatives is set to vote at the forthcoming days on a change to safeguard all state, tribal and territory marijuana plans from Justice Department hindrance after a committee improved the measure on Tuesday.

This could build on a current, more restricted supply to shield just state medical cannabis legislation from Justice Department intervention that’s been enacted through appropriations laws annually since 2014. Continue reading “Protecting All Marijuana Programs From Federal Interference Voted on by House”

CBD Mouthwash is More Effective Than Other Industry Products

CBD Mouthwash, Marijuana Products, Cannabis Products
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Is marijuana the near future of mouthwash? Businesses racing to create cannabis-based health products state cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabis-derived chemicals are emerging as promising new tools to stop oral health problems like gingivitis and plaque.

The cannabinoid mouthwash was more effective at killing germs than just two popular over-the-counter compounds. Continue reading “CBD Mouthwash is More Effective Than Other Industry Products”