Low Odor Marijuana Strains

There is no single odorless cannabis plant. But thanks to the efforts of plant breeders, there are a number of mildly aromatic and fruity or synthetic-scented varieties.

Taking a cue from popular foreign seed banks and experienced growers we’ve compiled a list of varieties that won’t bother the neighbors with their aroma when growing indoors.

What are some of the Low Odor Marijuana Strains?

Low-smelling cannabis varieties are quite popular, so there’s a fair amount of variety today, from classic fruity-berry or diesel to the less natural flavors of bubblegum or Pepsi Coke.

Lowryder #2

Lowryder#2 is a very popular variety, in fact, it is one of the top 10 cannabis strains in Canada. The characteristics of this strain include a fairly low height (usually less than 50 cm), and with good care, can ripen in as little as 9 weeks. Lowryder#2 is an Indica with a THC level of roughly 13%. This strain is often used for medicinal purposes, to ease anxiety, and to relieve severe stress. It tastes a bit like the sweet flavor of limes and other citrus fruits.

Chronic Ryder

The prototype of Lowryder #2 is the auto-flowering garden variety, Chronic Ryder. When grown properly and free of stress, the plant is completely odorless and the most camouflaged. However, it is stressful situations that can throw any plant, even a low-smelling one, out of balance. Chronic Ryder goes through its flowering stage in just 6 weeks, has a pleasant pine-fruit flavor of cones, and guarantees a high effect after consumption.

Kali Mist

The Kali Mist has been a Cannabis Cup winner for the past 10 years. Its characteristic feature is its pleasant, spicy sandalwood and fruity scent, and most importantly it is a dominant garden variety. This strain takes 3 months to flower, yielding an average THC content of 17%. Kali Mist is very strong, mildew and fungus resistant has good antispasmodic effects, and relieves pain syndromes.

Low-smelling autoflowers

Blue Mystic auto

With its almost odorless flowering smell, pleasant berry scent and unusual cone appearance, Blue Mystic auto-flowering by Nirvana Seeds is a favorite of indoor growers. The unpretentious plant has a short stature. The inflorescences and leaves are infused with a bluish hue, and the powerful effects of use attract many cannabis lovers.

Durban Poison

An excellent cannabis strain with a pleasant fragrance. Even though it has a low THC content (just 8%), it has a very strong effect. It’s energizing, mind-clearing, and has a nice body vibe that attracts a lot of growers. It is ideal for daytime use.

Purple Ryder #2

The delicate and sweet scent of Purple Ryder #2 is a special plant. Resembling an exotic flower, Purple Ryder can grow no taller than 80cm. The plant itself is undemanding and resistant to stress. Provides the most minimal effect.

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