Useful and medicinal properties of marijuana

Hemp helps in the treatment of many organs. The hemp plant has long been used to treat the most severe ailments. In particular, the medicinal properties of marijuana have been seen for chronic ailments. In the face of bribed competition, hemp gave way to chemical-based preparations. Behind them were huge capitals, and marijuana was a simple and visible remedy. Thanks to the rapid process of modern technology, advertising, and government, many folk methods were pushed out of reality and derisively rendered “ineffective methods for quacks.” Marijuana has fallen into the ranks of such remedies, in spite of its successful track record in the fight against a multitude of illnesses.

The therapeutic properties of marijuana for the body and the treatment of cancer with marijuana

In countries where cannabis research and use is not banned by mindless bureaucrats, the study of cannabinoids and cannabis, in particular, is paying off. So their marijuana is used in a wide range of manufactured medicines. In Israel, the psychoactive qualities of cannabis are studied according to a government program. Israeli publications publish the results of research on the use of cannabinoids and cannabis every month. Not only Israel, but Canada, England, Italy, Spain, and many other countries with partial or full legalization of cannabis and its use for various purposes are involved in such studies.

So, for example, since cannabis in Canada has no bureaucratic barriers, the Canadian Medical Association informs society about the benefits of cannabinoids and the medicinal properties of marijuana. One of the Canadian Medical Association’s most recent cannabis studies was the discovery of the benefits of cannabis in treating multiple sclerosis. Scientists from England, Italy, and Spain have jointly proven that THC contained in cannabis plants delays the development of Huntington’s disease.

Rehabilitation of drug addicts

Researchers from Israel and the American National Institute on Alcohol Abuse from Maryland believe that cannabis with high levels of THC significantly reduces abstinence pain. Scientists from China and theĀ UnitedĀ States offer a new way to treat drug addiction with the help of cannabinoids and cannabis in particular. This long-term use of such preparations does not provoke any addiction. That is why the use of cannabis in medicine is more than justified. While working on the final version of the “National Strategy of Ukraine on Drugs” the Association of Hemp Growers calls the government to reconsider its attitude to cannabis. After all, the psychoactive qualities of cannabis are also quite applicable for the treatment of chronic diseases and drug addiction. In a document on the development and implementation of a strategy of scientific attitude towards drugs. To be signed by high-ranking officials, the details are specified. Specifically, the realities of today call for a medical approach to the use of cannabis. Cannabinoids derived from cannabis can be used as analgesics. In the treatment of drug addiction, the use of cannabis can replace methadone and buprenorphine.

Treating Cancer with Marijuana and Other Diseases

In America, cannabis is approved for cancer patients to smoke for pain relief. The American Cancer Institute and the California Medical Center Institute in San Francisco have confirmed the usefulness of cannabis in fighting cancer cells.

Scientists from England have come to the conclusion that the medicinal properties of marijuana in the form of cannabis extracts help in the treatment of epilepsy, intestinal diseases, schizophrenia, and diabetes. Given all these advances in medical cannabis use, many physicians and scientists in various countries have long urged governments to change their stance on cannabis.

The use of cannabis in medicine

New Zealand, Canada, and eight European countries are already using cannabis preparations based on the psychoactive substances extracted from cannabis plants to their fullest extent. In the shortest time, the license for the use of these cannabis preparations will be made in the USA, Germany, France, and Italy. The same cannabis drug, however, is available for sale in the other 15 countries with some restrictions regarding individual cases of patients. Since 2011, the Israeli Medicines Committee of the Ministry of Health has recommended that the medical qualities of cannabis be recognized in the form of special medical cannabis. There has also been a proposal to introduce medical cannabis varieties into the minimum basket of medicines. Even narcotic varieties of cannabis, which have high levels of THC and are truly mind-numbing, are legal to grow in the U.S., Canada, Israel, England, Italy, and Holland.

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