The Best Cannabis Seed Banks

Stores with the best cannabis from Spain:


A legendary Spanish brand that is a reputable producer of seed varieties of marijuana in Spain. The range includes luxurious varieties of feminized cannabis seeds that produce excellent, powerful harvests.


Autoflowering and feminized cannabis varieties of high rank. One of the most popular seed-banks of Spain and many other European countries. Top hits: Maxi Gom, Auto AK

Pyramid Seeds

A progressive leader in Spain that is widely known throughout the world and the CIS. Is the mother of several unique varieties of marijuana: ‘Cum Laude’, ‘Purple Haze#1 Positronic’.

Sweet Seeds

A popular company on the Spanish market was founded back in 2005. An active leader in the seed industry. Holds the Spannabis Cup Winner 2007/2008. The varieties are productive, high-yielding auto-flowering plants.

Advanced Seeds

A young company known for its popular strains Ice Kush and Auto Black Diesel. Autoflowering strains are easy to grow, not expensive, and guarantee prompt harvesting.

Medical Seeds

A well-known company, and primarily because of their relentless pursuit of perfection. They create seeds with catastrophic THC content and are suitable for medical use.

Positronic Seeds

This bank is notable for being the creator of several well-known varieties: Cum Laude, Purple Haze#1 Positronic, Djack Diesel. The flowers grow with long stems and immodestly huge cones.

Samsara Seeds

A popular Spanish bank with a full range of essential seeds: auto-flowering and feminized varieties. The cost of seeds is affordable, and they are unpretentious to grow.

World of Seeds

A unique bank that collects auto-flowering and feminized marijuana varieties from all over the world. Known for their affordable seeds and unpretentious plants.

Strong Seeds

A rather young company, which became known in the country for its excellent variety Puta Madre Kush. Low cost of seeds and high quality are the unquestionable advantages of the bank.

Stores with the best cannabis from Holland:


Perhaps one of the most famous overseas seed banks, in Ukraine and Russia. Always provides quality seeds, affordable prices, and good yields. Has an excellent reputation in the world of growers!

Dutch Passion

The legendary Dutch Sid bank first introduced feminized marijuana seeds for sale. Here you’ll find varieties for every taste, opportunity, and wallet.

Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds, a seed maker in Amsterdam, has the seeds to meet every grower’s craving – stable genetics, guaranteed high yields, supernatural THC content, and all at the most affordable price.

Serious Seeds

The company dates back to 1995. Seed bank: feminized high-potency seeds and regular. Are some of the most expensive seeds on the market, but the high cost guarantees high yields.

Royal Queen Seeds

A young seed bank that is rapidly gaining popularity. Dumping prices and excellent germination of seeds, their calling card. You’ll find a large selection of feminized varieties and autoflowers in the store.

Green House Seeds

The best seed bank in every sense in Holland. Winners of many international seed festivals testify to that. Winner of 33 Hight Times Cups, 17 Highlife Cups.

Sensi Seeds

The first seed bank to appear in history. Created by the legend Ben Dronkers in 1974. Today, from the seeds of this bank grows the main part of the medical cannabis of Holland.

Barney`s Farm

A fairly popular seed bank that breeds auto-flowering plants of rare genetics. Of the popular ones: Dr. Greenspoon, Tangerine Dream.

DNA Genetics

Seed bank was founded by American breeders in Amsterdam. In 2012 they released a variety of Reserva Privada, which has become their trademark.

Amsterdam Seeds

Seed bank that will delight true groveling connoisseurs. They offer all varieties from the killer AK to the super flavorful Cheese.

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