Sativa and Indica

The cannabis plant is divided into several species with different THC contents. The main cannabis plants with the highest THC content are Sativa and Indica. Both Sativa and Indica have their supporters and opponents. In order to understand their differences, it is necessary to know their main differences.

What are Sativa and Indica and how are they different?

The full name of Indiсa is Indian hemp. The name of a Sativa is weed. The two are completely different in every way from their external appearance to their effects on the human body.

The effect of the use

The Indica cannabis plant has a very characteristic sedative effect, slowing down the brain and muscle activity, producing a maximum relaxing effect, and contributing perfectly to sleep.

On the contrary, Sativa compared to Indica has a stimulating effect on brain activity, stimulates the body, and is very invigorating.
However, you should not expect exactly this effect, as each case is a personal individual experience, which may be totally different from what is written.

The therapeutic effect of using

The relaxing effect of the Indica variety can relieve pain and fatigue, anger, and nervous tension. Indica cannabis is designed to treat conditions such as migraines, insomnia, nervous conditions, irritation, muscle cramps, and many other tensions which require a sedative effect.

Sativa produces an activating effect. It stimulates the cells of the organism and is therefore often impregnated for the treatment of depression, apathy, and sadness. This cannabis strain’s stimulating effects have made it a favorite for virgin smoking.

Sativa and Indica plants differ significantly even in appearance


Indica is a small plant with a very dense base, stylish stem, and a good amount of branching. Indigo is best suited to grow indoors, but there is nothing to stop it from being an outdoorsman.
The sativa variety is the exact opposite. The plant often grows to a height of 2-3 meters when well-lit, very sparsely branched, and, in general, more slender than indica.

Nowadays it is not easy to find a pure indica or sativa plant because most of them have become hybrids. Genetic lines of sativas from Mexico, Colombia, Cambodia, and indica from Pakistan, Afghanistan are now crossbred.


The pure indica plant mainly matures fully in October. The flowering time for this cannabis variety, on the other hand, lasts from 6 weeks to 2 months. The plant tries to grow taller at the start of flowering, but after a while, this effect slows down and stops.

The Sativa, compared to the indica, takes a little longer to mature. Slow sprouting, flowering for up to three months and other factors make it longer but desirable. Outdoors, the Sativa harvest most often takes place in late November.


Dense, firm, compact and well trichome (resin) dotted are the cones of indica. This variety has a very high yield in relation to the plant’s sown area. Its buds have a medium THC content and a high CBD/KBN.

The Sativa plant, on the other hand, requires room to grow and is not very compact. Due to its high loftiness, Sativa yields are also very high and can be compared to indica, though smokiness is not as high. It has a higher THC content and a lower CBD/DBH.

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