Feminized cannabis seeds

In fact, the existence of feminized cannabis seeds is relatively recent. Feminized cannabis seeds were first bred in 1998, by the qualified Dutch seed bank Dutch Passion. It was thanks to these guys that a new branch in the history of marijuana cultivation was born. Nowadays a lot of people have heard about feminized seeds, so let’s find out how to deal with them correctly.

Feminized cannabis seeds are the revelation of a new history of marijuana

In the past, cannabis seeds were strictly ruderalis and required a lot of care and attention from the grower in order to get a good result. The advent of feminized seeds has opened up a new era of cultivation and allows for better results with less effort.

Hemp feminized seeds are female cannabis plants called sinsemilla plants. These plants are not pollinated from male plants and have a much higher THC content, which is the main reason why many people get addicted.

The benefits that feminized cannabis seeds have:

  1. High levels of THC compared to other plants
  2. Larger bud size than fertilized plants

Despite the advantages, before you buy feminized marijuana seeds in Ukraine, it is important to have all the conditions for the care and quality cultivation of female sensimilla seeds. Feminized seeds are more fastidious and demanding to grow than any other plant and they take longer to mature than other plants. Any stressful situations during the growth phase will result in an instant change in the DNA and you run the risk of getting weaker THC-rich male plants or hermaphrodites instead of powerful female plants. Risk factors for replacing female plants with male ones are an irregular photoperiod during flowering and excessive temperatures. Also cutting cuttings for cloning is a stress factor and leads to hermaphroditism in plants.

How to grow feminized cannabis seeds

Sensimilla plants are not some variety of cannabis, they are the result of painstaking segregation and care of the plant. If a grower keeps a close eye on his plants and at the peak of flowering keeps the femkins from fertilizing, the marijuana flowers fall off and in their place form false fruits – buds with sticky contents. These are the future buds. It is these buds that contain the most THC. In the case of fertilization of female plants, the THC content of these flowers is at its peak at the time of flowering and then goes down without developing any sensible buds.

The care that feminized cannabis seeds require during the flowering period

  • Nitrogen concentration in the soil;
  • sufficient and plentiful watering;
  • low temperature;
  • when growing in a box – availability of a blue spectrum of light;
  • optimal day/night combination (fewer hours will produce more feminized specimens).

For the novice grower for the first time, it is better to buy feminized cannabis seeds. Autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds can help you avoid many of the complications of changing the color day and watering. Despite the high cost of this type of seed, this is the best option to secure yourself and your labor. You’re sure to grow quality cannabis and have a decent harvest.

How to get feminized seeds:

  1. The best plant of the variety is cloned.
  2. Female plant clones are treated with silver and a special solution.
  3. The male plants, more precisely the pollen and flowers, of the same variety are used in the production.

To preserve the qualities of the resulting feminized variety, the grower is advised to continue cloning it. This method of propagating a female plant avoids the cycle of fertilization, maturation of the seed, and its planting in the ground. In general, the properties of such female plants are preserved as best as possible.

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