The best autoflowering cannabis seeds

Before you buy auto-flowering cannabis seeds, it is important to first understand what kind of plants they are and what their characteristics are. If you are a beginner, buying auto-flowering cannabis seeds is the easiest and most effective choice for your first grow. Reminder! Cultivation of marihuana is permitted only in the countries which passed legalization!

The main reason why auto-flowering cannabis plants were created is that they do not depend on a flowering cycle. This functionality makes them the most unpretentious and suitable for outdoor growing in the northern hemisphere.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds what are they

Autoflowering seeds are a great product created thanks to breeders. The mainstay of auto-flowering is Cannabis Ruderalis, a weed that grows at 55 degrees north latitude (from Poland to the northernmost part of China). The plants grow well under the long summer days that are common in these parts, and end up bushy and small in size, which of course is a great advantage when growing outdoors. Since weed hemp has a low THC content, for many years it was only a fodder crop and did not interest growers at all. But thanks to recent breeding efforts, Cannabis Ruderalis has been crossed with striking representatives of good genetic lines. The result is an excellent auto-flowering cannabis seed that is as strong as the photoperiodic ones.

The benefits that autoflowering cannabis seeds and plants have

  • An ideal choice for beginner growers. Due to the fact that Ruderalis plant genes make autoflowers stronger plants than others, which means that they are the most resistant to diseases, parasites, and mold.
  • Fast growth and flowering rate. Autoflowers show a high rate of development and growth, and so does the flowering period itself. For impatient growers a great option!
  • The possibility of cultivation in northern climates. Growing classical seeds of cannabis in northern latitudes is quite a thankless task, which is not true for groveling autoflowering seeds. The average life cycle of autoflowering plants is from 60-75 days when growing indor, and 65-80 days when growing outdoors.
  • Excellent quality and taste. Since autoflowers are the fruit of breeders’ labors, these plants have first-class genetics and high THC content.
  • Compact and “non-palatable. Autoflowering marijuana seeds end up growing into compact plants with small dimensions. This option is always handy for personal cultivation in grow boxes, and even on the balcony, which allows not to show off and not to attract attention. Of course for non-commercial purposes.
  • A wide choice of seeds. A lot of seed banks contain a lot of autoflowering seeds. You can find anything you like from Jack Herer (Auto Herer) strains to any kind of indica or medicinal strains like Vertigo.

How to grow auto-flowering seeds in an outdoor or indoor

In order for your purchased auto-flowering seeds or those received as a bonus to grow healthy and vigorous plants, it’s important to follow quality planting and care rules. So you know for sure how to cultivate auto-flowering strains outdoors or indoors, take a look at our recommendations for auto-flowering strains.

Planting in good time is the key to vigorous growth

Autoflowers don’t have a long growing season (2-3 weeks). After that, the plants begin to flower, and the total cycle takes about 10-12 weeks. These figures mean that auto-flowering marijuana can be grown outdoors a couple of times a season, and sometimes more.

Growing auto-flowering for planting outdoors:

  • planting plants beginning May 1 – harvesting in late July
  • planting from June 1 – harvest at the end of September

Planting at the right time is a very important step because planting too early will result in a lower yield.

Autoflowering cannabis plants, like any other seeds, are sensitive to temperature drops so the best time to germinate the seeds is early May and plant in the middle of May. This period is the most unlikely for possible frosts and allows the plants to get as much sunshine as possible.

Prepared soil and pots for planting improve autoflowering seeds

For germinated seeds to get stronger, we recommend planting them in prepared substrate – coconut or soil with neutral ph. Normal soil can be very alkaline and burn the young roots. The recommended pH of the soil is 5.8 to 6.5. Nevertheless, it is advisable to germinate seeds for audtor using soil in which the marijuana plant will grow in the future. In order to protect the plants, you can do a ph test, fill the soil with special solutions that neutralize the alkalinity of the soil, or mix the soil with the soil in which your plants will grow after planting.

If you need an autoflowering to grow in an enclosed space, you should plant the seeds in the main pot in which the cannabis will grow until the immediate collection. This can be pots from 4-10 liters. You can also germinate the seeds in peat cups or pots with coconut substrate, which can then be safely placed in the pot without tearing the young roots or traumatizing the seedlings. Also, to improve the aeration of the soil, it is recommended to mix with the soil coconut, “cured” keramsite or perlite. Drained soil, which at the same time qualitatively retains moisture is the key to good growth of your plant.

Watering properly without overflowing strengthens autoflowering cannabis seeds

At any stage of growth, plants need proper watering and drying out. Often inexperienced growers water their plants and they stop growing. What happens next is that the grower waters them again and they rot away. To avoid such destructive situations, experienced growers recommend weighing the pot with dry soil, and then pour 5-10% of the total weight of the pot with soil. You can also water the plants with an ordinary tablespoon or syringe – then the watering will be even and the possibility of overwatering is reduced to a minimum.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds require careful feeding

Because autoflowering is a very compact plant, its roots are weak and brittle. This is why autoflowering is very sensitive to overfeeding with fertilisers. It is recommended to immediately use high-quality soil (fertilizer of which is enough for at least 2-3 weeks after planting) and the use of various rooting agents and root system growth stimulants. It is also acceptable to use compost tea and neem oil, which is excellent for pest control.

Features of harvesting that have exactly autoflowering seeds

Quite often you can meet a picture when the upper buds in autoflowering are already ripe and look like on the package, while the lower ones are just starting to ripen and get covered in trichomes. This feature can be found quite often in autoflowers. For autoflowers in the outdoors, careful care is required. You can remove the buds gradually – the top buds first, and the rest 5-10 days later. During this time, the ripening buds will add significantly in weight and power. So do not cut off all the inflorescences in a hurry. Especially since autoflowers in the outdoors take an average of a week longer to ripen than in indoor conditions. When growing autoflowers in the open ground, you should look at each plant individually, because the period of flowering and ripening depends on many factors, as well as the length of the daylight hours. A little planning and experience will allow you to harvest several times a season!

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