How to grow marijuana and other things about growing

On the pages of this resource, you will learn all about growing marijuana, fertilizers, and methods of safely increasing the volume of cannabis to maximize the harvest. But before you learn about how to grow marijuana, it is important to know and remember that growing and distributing marijuana is illegal in many countries and punishable by law.

How to grow marijuana for smoking and cannabis for household purposes

Marijuana cultivation is categorized into two broad types – indoor and outdoor. Each of these types has its own characteristics and subspecies of cultivation. So, for example, cannabis which is grown in an enclosed space can be grown by dividing each plant into pots and called hydroponics. Or also for indoor growing method “aeroponics” when the plant is not planted in the ground but grows just in the air. Outdoor methods of growing marijuana are the planting of germinated seeds in the open field and growing in greenhouses. Each of these methods has its adherents, its pros, and its cons. But whichever one you choose, the basis for a positive result is the vital, excellent conditions for growing cannabis with a good harvest.

How to grow marijuana efficiently

  1. Choose quality seeds. For the first time, it is best to buy auto-flowering feminized ones. It will be easier for a beginner to cope with their groveling because such plants are very unpretentious. Also, when choosing, decide which variety of seeds you need – Indica or Sativa.
  2. Gently germinate them. An important moment at the start is when to germinate the seeds of marijuana cultivation because further cuttings largely depend on this first stage. Many growers do not always manage to germinate a seed the first time. Most often, it dies either from the fact that too much liquid and the seed will go soft/decay, or from over-drying since at one point there was liquid and the seed let out a little sprout, and then due to lack of moisture dried up. Read about proper sprouting here –
  3. Proper planting – from cuttings to sprouts. When the seedlings have sprouted, you can already think about transplanting them into the soil or any other soil where cannabis will grow. It depends on how you are going to grow the seeds. But whichever method you choose, it pays to be very careful and to anticipate every situation. As they are very fragile and can be broken by any careless movement, or even a gust of wind.

It is important to grow cannabis in good conditions and with enough light

  • Decent care and fertilization. This topic is very broad, meaningful and can vary from case to case. So before applying any fertilizer, watering techniques, lighting, and so on, take a closer look at whether the methodology is right for your cannabis growing method and cannabis strain. Using unverified information can lead to the death of the plant.
  • Timely harvesting. When everything is cool, the plant has reached the size you want and trichomes are starting to appear in abundance on the buds, it is important to harvest on time. Overgrowth in the soil or an early harvest can be detrimental to the amount of THC, marijuana’s main component. This point is also important to study and know. Again, all variations depend on the cultivar and the growing method.

A careful study of growing habits can help you achieve a positive result. So make sure you read the growing material before you decide to grow. Study all the available species and choose the one that is affordable and most suitable for you! does not encourage growing marijuana!

We are an international information portal! Remember – growing, distributing, and possessing cannabis is against the laws of many countries! Violation of the Law is punished by imprisonment!

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